Construction-Specific Consultancy

Managing Sites Better // Improving Bid To Win Process And Success Rate //  Ensuring You Get Paid For Extras And Variations // Planning Your Future Works and The Benefits Of Having A Job Forecast

A new service we've introduced is construction-specific

consultancy. We’ve spent much of our time recently working with

smaller construction businesses who are struggling to:

  • Make the expected profit on projects

  • Get paid for extras and variations

  • Improve their management of site operatives and sub-contractors


So, whether you're from construction or even currently working in the sector, be it a carpet fitter, bricklayer, plasterer and anything else within the industry, we're sure you're well aware these issues which may arise on a regular basis.


This is where we can help you. Be it staff training, policy reviews,

improving standards and practices and even implementing new systems to your working day, we can help you take the steps you need to walk to accomplish all of this and more.


As well as providing a wide range of training and systems, we can even help you with potential funding. We'll work with you to apply for it, guiding you through all the necessary steps. So far, we’ve been able to access over £70k and that’s just the last few months to help pay for our services.


We believe, we can help you achieve your business goals or address the issues above. If you want to learn more then please get in touch. From there we can have a chat about  your needs and see about getting you on the path

Improve your business


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