The Complete Solution to your SMSC Curriculum


At Equality Gold we believe in starting early! We believe that involving pupils in the development of their school will help them to gain a better understanding of what happens in school and take ownership and responsibility for that.


Demonstart helps them to do just that! The programme includes:


  • Workshops for pupils, staff and governors in developing the School approach to equality and diversity and SMSC

  • Training for pupils to understand about equality and diversity and what this means for them and the people around them

  • Training for staff and governors to help them understand about equality and diversity and their responsibilities for ensuring this is reflected within the school and its supply chain


What do you get?


  • 4 workshops (plus online coaching and mentoring) for the School Council and staff to develop and implement your SMSC curriculum (no limit on places)

  • Training for year 4, 5 & 6 pupils (90 places based on class sizes of 30)

  • Training for all staff & Governors (based on 35 staff and 12 Governors)

  • Free Supply Chain workshop to ensure your supply chain understands their responsibilities to support your equality and diversity approach whilst on your premises


How much does it cost?


The cost of the full programme is £1750 + VAT. However if you were to purchase these elements independently the cost would be:


4 workshops (£100 per workshop)  -                                                    £        400.00

Training for year 4, 5 & 6 pupils @ £12.50 per pupil -                        £      1,125.00

Training for all staff & Governors @ £35 per person -                        £        875.00

Free Supply Chain workshop – unlimited delegates -                       £            0.00

Total Cost                                                                                               £     2,400.00


That’s a complete programme for less than £13 per delegate which can be rolled out to the whole school and its supply chain!